Wednesday 27 October 2021


VICE-PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife, Marry Mubaiwa, has appealed to child rights activists to help her secure custody of her children, repeating claims that the former army boss is after her life, and alleged that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has failed to assist her.

Marry lost custody of her three minor children after Chiwenga, who also doubles up as Health minister, appealed against an earlier judgment in her favour.

Chiwenga argued that Marry was not mentally fit, and was taking drugs, a charge that she denies.

Marry is fighting other court battles where she is accused of plotting to kill Chiwenga, money-laundering, fraud and assault, and is out on bail. She alleges that the charges are a fabrication to “fix” her.

Yesterday, Marry took to social media saying she missed her children, and was exhausted due to mental torture. She appealed to Mnangagwa to end the persecution.

“I don’t sleep because of fear, I have been surrounded. It is up to my President to end this fabrication. I am exhausted and people have disappeared in the eyes of the public,” she said in a social media post.

“It is most disturbing and disheartening as I write this piece of message. I write for the world to see, to know that the clock might be ticking for me, for those that wish to end my life. I have been followed, my cars have been bugged. My parents are being followed. All those that have assisted me have been threatened, some beaten up and some dismissed from work.

“If I am exterminated today, I want the world to know the truth, it is my prayer for God to (reveal) the truth and preserve my life.”

The former military commander filed for divorce after recovering from a life-threatening illness in 2019.

He was treated in China. Marry has appeared several times before the courts on a stretcher as she suffers from lymphoedema.

“I have been denied access to my children that are minors for the last two years. I have also not spoken to them. I don’t know if they are still alive or if they are dead because all access has been blocked. I am in pain and my health is deteriorating because of the amount of torture that I am receiving from the other side,” she added.

Marry said if Mnangagwa wanted to help her, he would have done so long back.

“I am seeking assistance from all those that advocate for children’s rights to be given my children before I am killed, dead or alive, I want them in my custody.” Newsday


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