Thursday 7 October 2021


President Emmerson Mnangagwa says Zimbabwe will continue with its re-engagement drive and has commended Zimbabweans in the Diaspora for their contribution to the growth of the country’s economy.

 Our re-engagement drive as a country continues as we strive to be a friend of all, we continue to seek new opportunities in investment and trade. This is in line with my administration’s Economic Diplomacy thrust, he said.

The President was delivering the State of the Nation Address to mark the official opening of the 4th session of the 9th Parliament in Harare today.

Speaking to developmental issues the President attributed the country’s success story to an effective agricultural sector which is inclusive of all.

Let us commit to serve our country wholeheartedly to ensure development which leaves no one behind.The economy is on upward trajectory due to the successes in agriculture.This new crop of young farmers assure us that the land we fought for will remain in good hands, added the President.

He also encouraged Zimbabweans to embrace locally produced products as this is good for the economy which already is o an upward trajectory.

Citizens are encouraged to buy proudly Zimbabwean brands which now dominate shelves.Local industrialists need to broaden their scope and increase locally produced goods paying attention to value addition.It should also be noted that the import substitution strategy and local content policy has benefitting manufacturing sector,he said.

The transport situation was also addressed with the President highlighting that government is in the process of acquiring more buses which will see the smooth running of the transport system especially with the success of the ongoing Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme under National Development Strategy One. ZBC




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