Saturday 23 October 2021


SEVERAL high profile individuals involved in illegal foreign currency trading will soon be arraigned before the courts to face charges of violating foreign exchange regulations.

The imminent arrests and arraignments are part of an ongoing blitzkrieg being led by the National Prosecuting Authority targeting currency manipulators.

Prosecutor-General Mr Kumbirai Hodzi told The Sunday Mail yesterday that the onslaught was gathering momentum.

The operation has so far accounted for 20 accused persons some of whom are directors of accused companies who are languishing in remand prison after being denied bail by the courts.

“In general terms we have heightened the blitz,” said Mr Hodzi.

“I have been holding consultative meetings with my commanders and I have been informed that they have identified big names that are violating foreign currency regulations.

“The evidence against them is overwhelming and their arrest is very imminent.”

He declined to divulge the names of the individuals saying this may prompt some of them to flee.

“Let us not scare away the birds. We are going to release the names once they are arrested.

“This time we are not going to do it the way we did in the past. We used to launch such blitz and then relax.

“However, we have committed ourselves to sustain the blitz until there is stability in the market. “We have a team which is identifying these violators and compiling evidence against them.

“We are working in collaboration with other state agencies in this regard.” Sunday Mail


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