Thursday 9 September 2021


An alleged adulterous affair between two Central Intelligence Officers has spilled into the courts.

The matter came to light at the High Court where Tandiwe Shumba summoned Regina Jaravaza who she accuses of having an affair with her husband Cloddie Shumba.

Tandiwe is demanding US$30 000 in adultery damages and feels she has been humiliated by the two.

 She claims despite Jaravaza knowing that a 1999 civil union in terms of the Marriage Act Chapter (5:11) existed between Cloddie and Tandiwe, she went ahead to marry him on May 30 this year.

In her papers, Tandiwe wrote that she suspected the two sharing an office romance after noticing pictures of Jaravaza and Cloddie on social media. “My husband gradually grew discordant, distant and generally unaffectionate towards me.

“Later, Tandiwe discovered that Jaravaza had entered into an adulterous affair with her husband despite her well knowing that the two were married,” wrote Tandiwe.

She said when she confronted her husband he had denied the affair. “When I inquired from Cloddie about the relationship between him and Jaravaza, he maintained that they were simply workmates and nothing more.

“As if that was not enough, Jaravaza started making phone calls on Tandiwe’s mobile cellphone, insulting and shouting discourteous things at her.

“Meanwhile, Cloddie started returning home from work at odd hours and not spending enough time with his family,” she claimed.

Tandiwe further claims the adulterous affair caused her husband to be unloving, carefree and quarrelsome towards her.

She said Jaravaza failed to take heed of her protest to call off the adulterous affair choosing to maintain it without remorse.

“I have borne the full wrath of an emotional and psychological turbulent period to the extent that she has succumbed to constant depression at the thought of Jaravaza having sexual intercourse with my husband.

“My husband and I have children, two are minors currently in my custody. As a result of Jaravaza’s conduct, the chances of these children having normal family or upbringing with both parents has been irretrievably ruined,” reads Tandiwe’s claim.

She is claiming US$15 000 or is payable at the prevailing auction rate as compensation for contumelia and the other half for loss of consortium.

Jaravaza is yet to respond. H Metro


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