Monday 13 September 2021


SHEBEENS and nightclubs have been identified as Covid-19 super spreaders in Bulawayo.

It has been a cat and mouse game for the past year with establishments and their patrons running away from police during raids.

An operation was conducted by police last week, and truckloads of people were ferried to Bulawayo Central Police Station for defying the law after they were found drinking in nightclubs in the city centre.

In high-density areas, it was the same with police mainly raiding shebeens where shebeen kings and queens were arrested.

Most of those who were operating shebeens were fined.

However, for Mlungisi Moyo of Old Magwegwe suburb, he was arrested and taken to court where he was sentenced to 30 days in prison with the option of paying a $10 000 fine.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube said over a hundred people were arrested in Bulawayo’s CBD.

He said in the western districts like Entumbane, Western Commonage and the like, there were 21 people arrested for public drinking.

Insp Ncube said Moyo was taken to court as he was a repeat offender and they were also monitoring a house which is a shebeen.

He said next time should Moyo be arrested for a similar offence it means he would go to court without the option of a fine.

“Of note was the arrest of a shebeen man at house number 817/2 Old Magwegwe, who was found selling alcohol with six occupants. This man is persistent and resistant as this is not the first time that he has been arrested for the same offence.

He was dragged to court and he continues to operate the shebeen. However, he was sentenced to 30 days in prison or $10 000 fine, which should be paid on or before September 30. Should he fail to pay that means he must serve 30 days in prison,” said Insp Ncube. Chronicle


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