Thursday 2 September 2021


A 19-year-old man sexually abused and detained a Grade Seven pupil claiming she had  agreed to be his wife.

Elisha Marimira reportedly lured the pupil into his room when she was expected to be attending extra lessons and sexually abused her. Marimira has been arrested and is expected to appear in court today

The victim’s guardian told H-Metro that the girl had been reported missing at Waterfalls police station after she failed to return home. “We lodged a report against Elisha for sexually abusing the girl,” said the guardian.

“She has been attending extra lessons as she is sitting for examinations this year. “The girl failed to return home for three days and we later received information that she was spotted at her lover’s place.

“Upon confronting Elisha, he admitted to have been with the girl arguing that the two agreed to live as husband and wife.

“We took our child and lodged a police report and the girl has been taken to Edith clinic for medical examination,” said the guardian. However, H-Metro established that the girl’s parents separated when she was two years old.

The girl was left in Nyanga under the custody of her grandmother who later died in 2019. The girl was relocated to Harare where she is staying with her married brother in one room.

The girl told the daily tabloid paper that she is willing to continue with her education provided she enrols at a different school to avoid stigma. “Ndakavhevhetedzwa asi zvekuita mudzimai wemba handisati ndavakuzvida,” she said. H Metro


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