Tuesday 21 September 2021


 A HARARE woman has been arraigned before the courts for biting off the lower lip of a man she claims was groping her while she was relieving herself.

The woman, Catherine Ruvimbo Gotora (25) appeared before magistrate Shane Kubonera facing assault charges.

Gotora is accused of biting off Michael Chizanga’s lip on August 7 in the Harare central business district.

It is alleged that on August 7, 2021, at around 5pm at the intersection of Kwame Nkrumah Avenue and 8th Street in Harare, Chazanga was confronted by Gotora who claimed he touched her backside while she was relieving herself. Gotora then bit off the complainant’s lower lip.

A medical report was produced in court as an exhibit.

Gotora, however, in her statement alleges that that Chizanga repeatedly touched her backside while she was relieving herself.

“The complainant touched my backside first and I reprimanded him. He touched me for the second time and I reprimanded him again. Then he followed me when I went to relieve myself and touched me again. I pushed him back and he started assaulting me. That is when I bit his lower lip off,” she submitted.

The matter was postponed for trial to October 10. Caroline Mutimusakwa appeared for the State. Newsday



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