Tuesday 28 September 2021


Zimbabwe renowned journalist and former Herald Editor, Ray Mungoshi survived a horrific road accident on Sunday, in Gauteng province, South Africa.

Mungoshi was alone when his Isuzu KB truck veered off the road after it had a brake failure while he was negotiating a steep descent around Randburg.

He survived the crash with bruises and some injuries on his head. Mungoshi confirmed the accident but said he was well.

“I am fine. I was banged up a bit on my head and suffered a few abrasions but other than that, I feel fine. I actually went running this morning around Westgate,” he said.

The veteran journalist said he was lucky to be alive given that the road was not busy that day since it was a Sunday.

“I was driving downhill when brakes on my car failed. The gradient was very steep. The car lurched forward like a runaway train and I struggled to control it. I ended up in a ravine at the bottom of the dim-lit street.

The thing just fell apart. I am lucky to have escaped with scrapes, bruises and a bump on my head. Someone up there was looking out for me that night. Luckily, I was alone and roads were empty. I shudder to imagine what could have happened had this happened on a busy road,” said Mungoshi.

Mungoshi, who is now based in Bloemfontein, South Africa previously worked for the Zimbabwe Information Service in Bikita and Gutu before joining The Herald as a Bureau Chief for Masvingo province until he rose to be Editor of the daily newspaper.



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