Wednesday 22 September 2021


A COMMUTER omnibus driver was reported to have died from injuries sustained at the hands of four police officers for evading arrest.

Luke Zuze, 28, was allegedly assaulted by four police officers at White House along Bulawayo Road and the four were reported to have bundled him into their vehicle being driven by Never Samatiya and took the now deceased to Sally Mugabe Central hospital.

Zuze sustained a broken thigh bone and injuries all over his body and died the following day.

The unidentified suspects were reported to have taken the law into their hands while in police uniform and the driver Samatiya was said to be their team leader who was behind the wheel.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the story appealing for information to help in investigating the case.

“Police in Harare are appealing for information which may assist in the investigations of a murder case in which the victim (28) died while admitted at Sally Mugabe Hospital on September 17, 2021,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

“The victim who was a conductor in a Toyota Hiace vehicle was assaulted by four suspects who posed as police officers and later ran away,” he said.

Bereaved family spokesperson Bridget Tapera, 29, told H-Metro that the suspects were the ones who ferried the deceased to the hospital where they made false reports and drafted an unofficial medical request letter.

“We have lodged a complaint against four police officers under RRB 4894603 at Marimba police station on September 15,” said Tapera.

“No action is being taken by police although the suspects are reporting for duty and one of them was the one who was behind the wheel when they took the deceased to hospital.

“His name is Never and has been sending messages to us accusing his subordinate he claimed to be Katsande of leading the assault.

“The four called themselves using fake names and they went on to open docket outside police station gate under Sgt Ncube.

“That drafted request for medical examination signed under Sgt Ncube is the one they used to take the now deceased to hospital.

“Vakaedza kutityisidzira vachiti mukaramba kutambira US$400 Zuze anonofira kuremand nekuti abatwa achitakura vanhu zvisiri pamutemo.

“Samatiya akatumira message achiti aidakukweretesa Katsande wacho 400 dollars yekuti vavhare nyaya yacho ibatsire kurapisa.

“Pastation mapurisa aivepo akaramwidzana kunyora docket achiti hanzi shift 5 inonetsa hatizive kuti shift 5 yacho yakamirasei.

“Havachada kudaira phone pavakanzwa kuti Zuze ashaya,” said Tapera while pleading with police commissioner general to deal with the culprits. H Metro


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