Thursday 16 September 2021


A STATE witness yesterday nailed suspended CID director Commissioner Crispen Charumbira, in a matter he is charged with criminal abuse of office, accusing him of blocking his promotion during the 15 years he was serving as a police officer.

Comm Charumbira allegedly attempted to stop his junior officers from arresting suspected drug and gold dealers.

Constable David Manyandure told the court that Comm Charumbira blocked his promotion for the past 15 years he has been in service despite having proper qualifications.

He said this while giving evidence as a State witness. Responding to Comm Charumbira’s question on why he was never promoted over the past 15 years, Cst Manyandure said:

“It was not possible because of the accused who was holding my papers. I have proof to that effect,” he said.

Cst Manyandure told the court that he was academically qualified and had a number of Memorandum of Good Work awards under his belt, which he was given in recognition of his good performance at work.

“There was nothing that could have stopped me getting promoted considering my academic qualifications and Memorandum of Good Work that I attained during my service. But because of the accused person I failed to get promoted. There was a time when he called my Officer in-charge Madekuchekwa to strike me off from the nominal roll for promotion,” he said.

Cst Munyandure expressed confidence that he will be elevated when the police force enlist officers for promotion.

“It is only that promotion time is not due, but I believe next time when the police elevates its members I will also get promoted,” he said.

He alleged that Comm Charumbira removed him from the CID section and he only returned when he got suspended.

“Since the day the accused was removed from the position of heading CID section my things have started moving on well. I am now back at CID as a detective,” he said.

Cst Manyandure acknowledged that there were no phone records that proved that Comm Charumbira called him and his other team members to stop arresting suspects.

The matter is expected to continue today with Cst Manyandure testifying. Mr Ephraim Zinyandu prosecuted while regional magistrate Mr Ngoni Nduna presided. Herald


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