Saturday 25 September 2021


THE inter-ministerial task force that was set up last month to find solutions to drug abuse has hit the ground running, with more than 200 suspected drug dealers arrested so far.

The blitz aims to curtail the rise in substance abuse, especially among the youths.

Public Service, Labour, and Social Welfare Minister Professor Paul Mavima, who is also chairperson for the taskforce, said they have made progress in bringing to book some of the leaders of the drug cartels.

“We have operationalised the plan by setting up a working group which will be working on prevention, treatment, identifying and upgrading of existing mental health institutions. We have also included plans for the setting up of a dedicated child psychiatric hospital in each province until these young people have recovered.

“We are also identifying and improving community-based activities such as the establishment of parent support groups and patient support groups.”

The Government is seized with measures to fight drug abuse through further capacitation of security forces and operationalisation of the Zimbabwe National Drug Master Plan (ZNDMP 2020 to 2025.)

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Dr Jasper Chimedza, said there is a need to address supply, demand, reduction as well as control of illicit substances based on International Drug Control Conventions and in line with the principles of a balanced approach to drug control.

“Alcohol, marijuana, crystal meth, and Broncleer among others are the main drugs being abused, especially by the youths. Excessive use of alcohol and drugs damages the health of the abuser. It is also linked to a rise in addiction and non-communicable diseases including HIV/AIDS, cancer, heart disease, and psychological disorder,” Dr Chimedza said.

The ZNDMP aims to provide a clear roadmap to address the cross-cutting drug problems and also seeks to enhance and improve the response to it. Sunday Mail



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