Monday 30 August 2021


A BULAWAYO woman has appeared in court for allegedly defrauding a man of over US$3 000 after forging a receipt that she presented claiming she had paid for a business stand for him in Esigodini.

Sithandazile Ncube (40) of Cowdray Park suburb appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Steven Ndlovu facing charges of fraud and forgery. Ncube pleaded not guilty to the charges and was remanded in custody to September 9.

The court heard that Ncube approached Mr Even Chinzombe of Thorngrove suburb in October last year at Renkini and informed him that there was a business stand which was on sale in Esigodini and Chinzombe said he was interested in buying it.

She told him that the stand was being sold for US$6 000.In June this year, Chinzombe paid her part of the money, US$3 060 for the alleged stand.

Ncube allegedly forged a receipt purporting that she had paid money to Umzingwane Rural District Council for the stand.

Representing the State, Mr Mandla Ndlovu said Ncube allegedly forged a receipt and used it to defraud Mr Chinzombe of his money.

“On a date not known by the prosecutor but in the month of October last year at Renkini Bus Terminus, Ncube allegedly forged a receipt and purported it to be acquired from Umzingwane Rural District with the intention of defrauding Mr Chinzombe, realising that there was a risk or possibility of defrauding him,’’ he said.

“In June this year, Ncube made a misrepresentation by producing a forged receipt to convince Mr Chinzombe that she had paid US$3 060 to Umzingwane Rural District Council towards Mr Chinzombe’s business stand intending to deceive him realising that there is a risk or possibility of deceiving him and intending to cause him to act upon the misrepresentation to his prejudice”.

Mr Chinzombe went with the receipt to Umzingwane RDC offices and noticed that the receipt he was given by Ncube was a forged one and she had not paid any money towards the stand.

He reported the matter to the police leading to Ncube’s arrest. The US$3 060 he gave Ncube was not recovered. Chronicle


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