Tuesday 10 August 2021


A Chitungwiza man was on Saturday arrested for attacking his former wife for sleeping with her new lover at her lodging in Zengeza 4.

Bernard Tumburayi, 49, separated with Moline Imbayago, 38, accusing her of bedding several men. However, he still tracks her movements and watches who she is with.

He was reported to have tracked Imbayago’s new address where he was reported to have peeped through a window and spotted Imbayago in bed with her new found lover.

Tamburayi broke into the room and attacked Imbayago leading to his arrest. Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed the arrest urging people to engage third parties to resolve any misunderstanding between or among feuding parties.

“Police confirm receiving a case of domestic violence involving a couple who are on separation,” said Insp Mwanza. The accused person was reported to have left his house and visited his ex wife at her lodgings in the same suburb where he attacked her upon seeing her with another man.

“He is expected to appear in court and face charges under Domestic Violence Act,” said Insp Mwanza.

Imbayago’s landlord was reported to have asked her to repair the damaged room. Imbayago, a beautician made headlines for inviting different lovers at her matrimonial house arguing that she was failing to be satisfied sexually by Tamburayi leading the latter to catch her red handed.

He sent her packing but it appears he still watches her movements. H Metro


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