Saturday 21 August 2021


THE Zanu PF Government is on course to fulfil its 2018 election promises through implementing people-centred and high-impact developmental programmes, a Cabinet Minister has said.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail recently, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said Zimbabweans were beginning to see and feel the impact of Government programmes.

She said her ministry had come up with a National Development Communication Strategy, which would ensure that all Zimbabweans were kept abreast of ongoing projects.

“The strategy will ensure that our people understand the benefits of what the Government is doing and what they need to do to see to it that we progress as a nation,” said Minister Mutsvangwa.

“We will not leave anybody behind. Our strategy takes into account everyone and all age groups, be they in the rural or urban areas, to ensure that they all understand where we are heading to with Vision 2030.”

Government, she said, has recorded significant milestones. “We have a lot of success stories that we need to talk about — the road network, food security, Pfumvudza and how the Government has succeeded in making sure that Zimbabwe is self-sufficient as far as cereals are concerned.

“Harare-Chirundu, Bulawayo-Mutare (highways) . . . the roads have all been repaired despite the fact that not much foreign investment has come. Bridges have been built and as a Senator from Chimanimani, I can confirm that the Second Republic did wonders in ensuring that they bring back the livelihoods of those who were affected by Cyclone Idai.

“Bridges, roads, homes and other facilities that were destroyed by the cyclone have been restored, while some of the projects are already advanced.”

More than 200 kilometres of Harare-Masvingo-Beitbridge highway have been reconstructed over the past year in line with the 2018 promise to rehabilitate trunk roads.

Government has been mobilising domestic resources to fund its projects, most of which are being undertaken by local companies.

A successful vaccination campaign, which has seen Zimbabwe being one of the countries with the best vaccination rates in Africa, is also underway.

“For a country which is under sanctions, we thank our President for the engagement and re-engagement efforts and also being able to talk to other progressive nations who have come on board to prioritise Zimbabwe’s vaccination efforts.

“We have seen our country in the top seven of countries that have done their best in terms of response and containment of the pandemic,” she said.

“We are also grateful of what the Government has done in terms of upgrading our hospitals, whether in towns, districts and at ward level.” Government, she added, was investing heavily in power generation to stimulate economic growth.

“To ensure uninterrupted service delivery, there also has been improvements in hydro and solar power generation.

“Electricity has been a challenge in the country and this will go a long way in helping us industrialise and develop even in agriculture.

“So there is a lot happening across ministries to ensure we progress to be a better Zimbabwe. Sunday  Mail


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