Saturday 28 August 2021


THE chairperson of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) Cde Chris Mutsvangwa yesterday poured cold water on the latest attempts to divide war veterans by some G40 elements and the opposition, who instigated the arrests of former fighters seeking an upward review of their allowances.

“The arrest of the nine comrades was stage-managed by the G40 and Chamisa as they desperately try to infiltrate our wing.

This was after another attempt to have G40 elements included in the War Veterans League was thwarted with the party indicating that they will be elections,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.

This prompted the G40 reactionaries to instigate the arrest of the nine war veterans; Cdes Wonderful Kabarauta, Faith Chananda, Nyasha Mangena, Shorai Nyamangudo, Isso Madzivanyika, Daphne Kanoti, Mazikana Marron, Sthyine Maphosa and Jordan Mberadzina at Finance Minister and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube at his offices.

“They went and instigated the arrest of the war veterans in collaboration with some police officers. The Patron of the war veterans (President Mnangagwa) had nothing to do with the arrest.  “It was stage managed to tarnish the President, the relations between him and the war veterans.

“These are works of G40 elements. Some people think they can be a Chenjerai Hunzvi reincarnation but that will never happen. Chairman Hunzvi had genuine grievances against Mugabe but these people have no grounds.

They are conjurers of imagery discontent, fantasising being latter-day Chairman Hunzvi founder of ZNLWVA,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.

Following the arrest of the nine, who were later released after it had been established that their charges were baseless, Zimbabwe Human Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) immediately stepped in as they sought to be saviours of the day.

However, it has since been established that the release of the nine on Thursday night had nothing to do with ZLHR but was upon the realisation that they had not committed any offense when they sought to engage the Minister of Finance.

It has since emerged that some shadowy G40 elements were working in cahoots with the Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Alliance fuelled the arrests on Thursday in a futile attempt to drive a wedge between the ex-combatants and their Patron, the President.

The group, sources said, then engaged some sympathetic police officers who rounded up the nine former combatants and arrested them on charges of inciting public violence.

Showing his hand, Chamisa and his allies in the civil society swiftly tried to intervene ostensibly to represent the nine. Herald


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