Tuesday 31 August 2021


A self-proclaimed Wicknell Chivayo acquaintance is reportedly threatening a mobile canteen operator and artists’ manager with violence after defaulting a US$20 beef trotters bill.

Billy Chirwa, who has been refusing to clear the debt claiming to be linked with high ranking politicians and business mogul Wicknell Chivayo, confirmed the debt he owes to Precious “Gugu” Nyandoro of Zone Delicacy African Cuisine Mobile Kitchen.

Chirwa told H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle that Nyandoro who is also an events manager had threatened him with engaging sangomas after he delayed his payment.

“That lady was the first who threatened me after she told me that she was set to consult sangomas to recover her debt saka ndakamuudza kuti ndezvako izvo enda kwaunoda,” said Chirwa.

Chirwa also disputed the bill she owed Nyandoro. “I ordered beef trotters worth US$20 and paid her half the amount so I owe her US$10 not US$20.

“I told her that I was at a mine and would pay upon returning but she refused to take it. “Saka arikuda kuti ndibudiswe mupepa nenyaya yemazondo e ten dollars here vakomana,” he said.

In another interview, Nyandoro said she was now living in fear after Chirwa claimed that he was connected to high profile people including Chivayo who were ready to make her life miserable.

“Chirwa bragged of not paying claiming that he is well connected to high profile people and businessman Wicknell Chivayo,” said Nyandoro.

She added: “It’s sad that he is now doing this name dropping of politicians panezvekudya here veduweee. My profit is too little for one to default payment because my business can go down within a day if I accept such fake promises.

“I was introduced to this person by one of my friends only to put my trust on someone who wanted free zondo.  Nyika haifambe nevanhu vakadaro,” added Nyandoro. Besides running her mobile canteen, Nyandoro has previously managed Romeo Gasa and Carlos Green’s business affairs before the lockdown.

She is also the founder of women music promoters’ movement dubbed Soul Shakers along with Edith Mukundidza. H Metro


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