Wednesday 25 August 2021


Harare City Council has designated Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa Road (formerly Enterprise Road) in Harare as a development corridor in a move it says will spur development and contribute to its realisation of a smart city.

A new shopping mall, Highland Park, is already on cards at the corner of Arcturus and Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa Roads.

The city’s spokesperson, Mr Michael Chideme said investors were taking advantage of the council decision to accord Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa Road a development corridor.

Mr Chideme said properties on the highway that links Harare-Nyamapanda border post can be converted into commercial thereby creating employment and adding ambience to the city.

“The reason is to spur development and renew the city infrastructure as we move towards 2025, create employment, reduce congestion and allow mixed use developments,” he said.

Mr Chideme said the decision to designate the road a development corridor was a response to demand by the local property owners who wanted to change use into commercial properties.

“Now, development can take place going upwards creating a new skyline for Harare. The landscape on the road will soon witness high rise buildings formerly a preserve of the central business district. Hotels are planned, restaurants already decorate the landscape and a hospital will soon be opened along the corridor affording residents of the area easier access to a health facility,” he said.

Mr Chideme said a number of other thoroughfares in Harare have been designated development corridors. These include Samora Machel, Second Street Extension, Simon Mazorodze and Lomagundi roads.

Billboards with architectural designs for the lined up new mall, Highland Park, which also houses Pick n Pay mall are already up along the road. Herald


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