Thursday 12 August 2021


IN a bizarre incident, a sexually-frustrated man from Mwenezi, Masvingo province reportedly dug his own grave ready to commit suicide after being denied sex for over a year by his wife.

It was gathered that the sex-starved man, Francis Maringe of Village 2 Bonora, Chief Chitanga, found no reason to continue living hence his decision to prepare his grave to end his life.

He complained to his relatives that his efforts to persuade his wife Pauline Munika to perform her wifely duties proved fruitless.

According to a source from the area, who claimed to have intimate details of the incident which is reportedly yet to reach Chief Chitanga’s attention, Maringe’s bizarre move elicited mixed reactions from the villagers who thought he needed a mental check-up.

The source said Maringe, who was later restrained by relatives from performing the cowardly act, was always lamenting that whenever he demanded sex from his wife, she would deny him leaving him high and dry.

“He dug his grave saying that he was going to kill himself one of these days due to frustration. He was always narrating how unlucky he has been in love as his wife had refused him sex for almost a year.

“He told his relatives that all the efforts he has made to make her sleep with him had failed hence he found no reason to continue living but to prepare his grave to end his life. From his ways of doing things now, it is clear that there is no more love existing between him and his wife,” said the source.

Meanwhile, the late Moses Qathe Moyo from Hlababomvu Village under Chief Bidi in Kezi, Matabeleland South province, left many people shell-shocked when he also dug his own grave 10 years ago — and his lone wish to be laid to rest at a place of his own choice was unanimously granted when his family buried him in it.

Moyo, who died on 06 September 2020 aged 60 and after a long illness, covered his grave with a heavy cement slab that reportedly took about 12 “muscular” men to remove it for his burial. Moyo reportedly spent a good part of his time looking after his grave. B Metro


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