Friday 27 August 2021


NO-ONE is angrier than a woman who has been rejected in love. This emerged at Mutare Civil Court this week when a scorned Mutare woman failed to control her emotions and wept uncontrollably at Mutare Civil Court.

Beauty Masona accuses her estranged husband, Herbert Sakarombe of having been swept away by the love tide to settle with a mistress in Headlands.

Masona dragged Sakarombe to court praying for an interdict order compelling the latter to stop selling or ceding their matrimonial house in Zimta, Chikanga, after the two separated due to irreconcilable differences.

Although Mutare magistrate, Ms Purity Gumbo adjourned the matter to September 13, a bitter Masona failed to control her emotions outside the court and burst in tears.

Soon after the adjournment of the case, Sakarombe charged at the reporter, pleading with him to stop publishing the story, saying it would widen the rift between the couple.

“My brother, you are a family man. Why can’t you ignore this issue and stop publishing it. This will exacerbate the feud.

What if I want to change my mind and settle things with my wife. Why can’t you just ignore it,” he said before briskly walking away.

As emotions got the better of her, Masona charged: “He has been swayed by the wind and the ‘love’ storm is blinding him. He dumped me to settle with a woman older than him. I want the world to know this.”

In the affidavit filed before the court, Masona said: “The respondent and myself acquired a residential property in Chikanga Township, Mutare. We started developing the stand together with the respondent, and by then respondent’s son, Panashe Sakarombe was still a minor. Up to now he is still a minor.

“After completing the house and other developments on the stand, my husband who at that time had retired from the Zimbabwe National Army thought of vacating our Zimta house to settle in Headlands where we also own a plot.

“He packed some of our belongings and relocated to Headlands where he is now staying with another woman without my knowledge. I was left in custody of the Zimta house which we jointly constructed. Early this month, I was surprised to be served with an eviction notice under Case no 216/21.

“What surprised me most is the fact that the house was now in the name of Panashe Sakarombe, and yet it is our matrimonial property. I enquired from the respondent why he was now evicting me from the property and he tried to hide behind a finger, claiming that it is Panashe Sakarombe (his son) who wants me out of the house.”

She added: “I got the shock of my life to learn that the respondent had clandestinely obtained title deeds for the property in dispute in the name of his son, Panashe Sakarombe. All this was done to deprive me of the matrimonial property which I acquired together with the respondent.

“I categorically state that I do not have any other place of residence except this matrimonial property, but sadly the respondent is being selfish and has plans to sell the house using his son, Panashe as a front. I now pray to this court that the respondent be interdicted from selling, ceding, transferring or donating House Number 5130, Zimta, Mutare without my consent as it is our matrimonial property.”

Ms Gumbo in her interim order interdicted Sakarombe from selling, ceding, transferring or donating the house without Masona’s consent pending finalisation of this matter. Manica Post




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