Friday 27 August 2021


POLICE in Gweru have busted a drug trafficking syndicate in Gweru’s central business district arresting seven suspected dealers in connection with dealing in illegal substances.

The seven were nabbed by the police at a sem- dilapidated building at the corner of 9th and Lobengula Street in Gweru popular for housing Solars College offices and classrooms.

Smartly dressed young men and women come in and out every now and then from the private college.

At the back of the building is a driving school, restaurant, garage and some seemingly dysfunctional rooms which have turned out to be home to drug trafficking activities in the city.

The presence of flashy cars especially during weekends drew the attention of law enforcement agents who embarked on an undercover operation which took a week.

Midlands provincial acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende confirmed the arrest of seven suspected drug dealers on Tuesday.

“I can confirm that police in Gweru have busted a drug trafficking syndicate at Solars College in Gweru’s Central Business District arresting seven suspected dealers in connection with dealing in illegal substances,” she said.

Asst Insp Mukwende said they recovered bottles of Broncleer, Mutoriro and processed dagga.

She said the value of the drugs was still to be ascertained adding that investigations were still underway as police wanted to get to the suppliers.

“We managed to bust these people and, in the process, we recovered 51 bottles of Broncleer. Broncleer is banned so its possession will be a criminal act. We also recovered a considerable amount of processed dagga. There were also plastic stashes of Mutoriro,” said Asst Insp Mukwende.

She said the names of the seven alleged drug dealers will be revealed soon.

To conceal their alleged illegal operations to the prying eyes of the public, Asst Insp Mukwende said the suspects dug a hole in the middle of the room where they were hiding a metal box in which they were stashing an assortment of illegal drugs.

“The police managed to recover the metal box that was hidden in a hole in the floor that was neatly covered with a carpet,” she said.

“We urge members of the community to assist the police in dealing with drug dealers by reporting such people so that the law takes it course. We also urge members of the society to stay away from drugs as they pose danger to their lives.”

The owner of the building Mr Spencer Govere in an interview said he had nothing to do with what was happening on his premises. Chronicle


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