Thursday 15 July 2021


A HARARE man reportedly lost his friend’s trust after he raped her during a funeral wake following a beer binge.The matter came to light on Wednesday when Tinashe Pasanduka was arraigned before the courts charged with rape.

According to the State the beer binge took place in Mabelreign when the complainant and Pasanduka had gone to a friend’s funeral.

Prosecuting, the State had it that on May 15 this year, the complainant and Pasanduka were in the company of Wilson Chijaka and Munyaradzi Munodawafa drinking beer whilst at a fire place.

Further allegations are that when the complainant got drunk, she dosed off near the fire where Pasanduka took advantage of her state drunkenness to force himself on her.

It is alleged that Pasanduka went on to have intercourse with the complainant once without her consent.

The State alleges that the complainant although drunk felt the coital movements made by Pasanduka but could not find strength to stop him since she was in a vulnerable state.

After quenching his desire, Pasanduka dragged the complainant to an unknown place.

The complainant woke up the following day and found herself near a bushy area along Patpalmer in Mabelereign and discovered that her clothes were dirty and she had fluids that did not match her normal discharge coming out of her private parts.

However, on May 19 after the funeral the complainant was told by her other two friends who were present Chijaka and Munodawafa that they had spotted Pasanduka in the act.

A police report was later made leading to Pasanduka’s arrest. Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi presided over the matter. Pasanduka was remanded in custody and advised to apply for bail on tomorrow. H Metro



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