Tuesday 27 July 2021


A Rushinga woman dragged her father-in-law to Chief Makuni’s Court citing incapacitation and ill-treatment after her husband just left home for no apparent reason.

Emmildah Chokuwamba appeared before Chief Makuni accusing her father-in-law Godfrey Samuel of mistreating, stigmatizing and depriving her of conjugal rights after separating her from her husband.

“Tell your son to come from where he is and I want to talk to him amicably. I say this because you know where he is,” said Chokuwamba.

It is said Chokuvamba never had time with her husband after his father-in-law spoke badly of his daughter-in-law.  

“They said they don’t like a black skinned unpresentable daughter in-law. I spent a whole year sleeping together with my husband’s grandmother while they sent my husband away to Harare,” she said.

She said they were not providing any support for the child and ran away to hide in Harare. She said all the grains she harvested were all taken by the in-laws. I am disallowed to speak to my husband on the cellphone I do not even know his phone number but only his parents do.”

The father in law Samuel justified himself arguing that his daughter-in-law had a disagreement with her husband who is in Harare doing a building course. I don’t have many words to say due to the dignity I owe my daughter in law.”

Samuel pleaded guilty and Chief Makuni allowed the marriage to end since it appeared no longer bearable and disharmonious to both parties.

Samuel was ordered to pay two beasts to his daughter-in-law within 21 days. H Metro



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