Thursday 29 July 2021


A Chitungwiza woman lost all her property and cash to a self proclaimed prophet during a healing session in Zengeza on Sunday.

Lolleen Nengomasha, 42, regretted inviting a stranger only identified as Madzibaba Tatenda believed to be a faith healer to her house following prophecies she received concerning her headache.

Nengomasha told H-Metro that Madzibaba Tatenda drugged her along with her minor child that they slept until the following afternoon giving the latter time to get away with her belongings.

Nengomasha reported the case under CR245/7/21 at St Mary’s Police Station and Madzibaba is reported to be on the run.

Some of the property Madzibaba Tatenda got away with included blankets, clothes, electrical gadgets, grocery, cellphones and cash amounting to US$300.

“I had a terrible headache on the day in question,” said Nengomasha. “I am yet to know how this madzibaba got my contact number and sent prophetic messages in line with my headache.

“He asked for directions and I regret inviting him to my house for prayers. He is the one who suggested to come at 6pm and brought dota raaiti nderepamazambara.

“It was mixed with something blue in color and I was ordered to drink an unidentified liquid together with my child.

“I felt dizzy and slept soon after the prayers and drinking the liquid. I only regained consciousness the following day around 3pm. That was the time we discovered that the house was empty zvekutakura nenyama yaive mu fridge.

“As we speak I am yet to gain energy and I’m experiencing disturbances in my stomach due to the liquid. “Some neighbors informed me that he has been doing this for some time and claims to be based in Unit N while others say he lives in Chisipiti.

“Dota rakasara ritoripo netunhu twe blue mukati maro,” said Nengomasha. Madzibaba’s recorded audios with some of his victims are circulating on social media along with some of his photographs. H Metro



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