Thursday 22 July 2021


Prophet Arthur Matsika of Garikai Masowe’s church shrine in Cowdray Park suburb and four congregants are in court after he allegedly prophesied that she kept a snake and fed her husband dog meat.

During prophecy time the prophet ‘revealed’ that Maggie Chikwara (51) was a witch who kept a snake in her car and gave her husband cooked dog meat.

The prophet went on to state that Maggie planted muthi at the church’s shrine and that the muthi was causing teenage congregants to menstruate early.

Upon hearing that, four female congregants, Gladys Muleya, Muleya’s teenage daughter, Faith Gora and Lusyomo Ndlovu assaulted Maggie.

Maggie bled and sustained injuries on her body. She was rescued from further attack by elders of the church, who intervened and stopped the four from assaulting her. Maggie was rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital where she was treated and discharged.

After she was discharged from hospital she filed a case of indicating witches and wizards as defined in the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform Act) (Chapter 9:23).

Appearing for trial before magistrate Ulukile Ndlovu, Prophet Matsika and the four congregants pleaded not guilty to the charge. The accused persons stated that Maggie’s husband Belton Nduna was the one who told Matsika that his wife fed him with dog meat as he was told that by other prophets.

They went on to state that they never said Maggie was a witch and stated that the allegations were fabricated since she did not see eye to eye with her teenage daughter. Maggie told the court that Matsika said she fed her husband with dog meat and some herbs.

Maggie’s witness, Washington Kona said: “Matsika and his accused congregants labelled Maggie a witch and this was said before congregants at a church. And they also said she was causing problems at the church.”

Another witness, Beula Bvuma, told the court that the accused persons said Maggie wanted to kill all boys in the church and wanted all teenage girls at the church to menstruate early.

Matsika and his church members were remanded out of custody to 03 August for continuation of trial. B Metro


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