Friday 9 July 2021


A JILTED Mutare man whose wife was snatched by a neighbour and co-worker this week suffered another blow after he lost custody of his three-year-old child.

Ngonidzashe Pasinzo recently approached Mutare Civil Court applying for custody of the child after his marriage to Kudzai Mandigo irretrievably broke down.

The estranged couple counter accused each other of neglecting the boy when they appeared before Mutare magistrate, Ms Purity Gumbo.

“I don’t want him to have custody of the child as he is irresponsible. I left him because he was not buying clothes for our child. He can’t stay with the child because he is still too young. He is also jealous since I moved out to stay with someone he knows,” said Mandigo.

In response, Pasinzo said: “I don’t have any problem if she decides to stay with another man, but my child is being abused by these two. I can’t have peace in my heart knowing that my child is being abused by another man,” he told the court.

The court ruled that the child should be in Mandigo’s custody.

Pasinzo, a self-proclaimed prophet, could not hide his anguish as he chronicled how he lost his wife to a neighbour only identified as Kureya.

He said he thought Mandigo and Kureya were friends before he later realised that the two had actually moved in together eight months ago. In an interview with The Weekender, Pasinzo said: ”About eight months ago I left home for work, only to find Mandigo gone upon my return. She left with all her belongings.

“I also realised that the man who had been staying next door (Kureya) had left as well. Kureya came back the following day and told me that he had moved to his new residential stand at Kentucky Farm.

“I never suspected that he had left with my wife. However, word started doing rounds that the two had moved in together. I carried out my own investigations and confirmed that Mandigo had eloped with Kureya,” said Pasinzo. Manica Post


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