Thursday 15 July 2021


A married man from Gwarimba Village under Chief Chingoma in Mberengwa, Midlands Province appeared to have been severely punished by a deific force after he was allegedly bitten by a snake during a sex romp in the bush with a married woman.

According to sources, on the fateful day the two lovebirds, Edmore Marongwe and Chiedza Mazvimbakupa, were said to have sneaked out of their homes and met in the bush for an afternoon sex romp.

It is reported that things took a sinister turn when Marongwe was bitten on the leg by an unknown poisonous snake which was apparently sheltering under their improvised makeshift mat made of tree branches and leaves.

After the attack, the woman ran from the scene in horror, attracting the attention of a passersby who quickly rushed to the scene where they found Marongwe, who was dressed only in underwear, writhing in agony.

Three used condoms were reportedly discovered close to the love nest suggesting that the pair had ‘‘served’’ each other well.

In a bid to reduce the effect of the snake’s venom, the passersby reportedly administered some herbs on Marongwe.

Although Chief Chingoma, whose jurisdiction the two loverbirds’ area falls under and where the matter is set to be heard could not be reached for comment, a source from the area let slip what transpired.

The source said after Marongwe was found half naked, Mazvimbakupa later confessed that he was bitten by the snake while they were having sex.

“She begged them not to report her to her husband. She knelt down and begged the passersby to not tell anybody. She said she did not know what had got into her.

“One of the passersby who seemed to have been related to Mazvimbakupa’s husband, however, refused to buy the apology. “It also later emerged that before they were caught in the act, the two lovebirds were always taking to the bush to satisfy their sexual urge,” said a source who declined to be named.

After receiving news that his wife was in the habit of dishing out sex to Marongwe, Mazvimbakupa’s husband reportedly approached Chief Chingoma demanding six head of cattle as compensation.

When reached for comment Marongwe refused to share his ordeal saying: “This is my personal life and shouldn’t be discussed with newspapers”.

Meanwhile, Mazvimbakupa and her husband could not be reached for comment. B Metro


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