Wednesday 28 July 2021


A trio of Pungwe Chimurenga Housing Co-operative leadership was yesterday dragged to court to answer to fraud charges after they reportedly distributed stands illegally.

The trio namely Nyasha Kandenga, 40, Lawrence Tholana, 48, and Martin Shumba, 63, were not asked to plead when they appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi.

The complainant is Beatrice Mukamba a beneficiary of stand number 1313 sold by Amalish Investments Private Limited on behalf of Pungwe Chimurenga Housing Co-operative where the trio are secretary, Vice Chairman and management committee member respectively.

The court heard that in 2003, Pungwe Chimurenga Housing Co-operative entered into an agreement with Amalish Investments Private Limited a property development company to develop road and water infrastructure on a piece of land where Pungwe Chimurenga had residential stands for its members.

In return, Pungwe Chimurenga allocated 750 residential stands to Amalish Investments Private Limited as payment per service.

After allocation of the residential stands, Amalish Investments Private Limited started selling their stands and Mukamba purchased two residential stands numbers 1283 and 1315 which were repossessed in January 2004 and was re allocated 1313.

It is alleged that in September 2017, the trio which is the management committee connived to sell the stand belonging to Mukamba and they misrepresented to Christopher Musendami who was not even a member of the cooperative that that stand 1313 was vacant.

The trio received US$2000 for the stand and prejudiced Mukamba of her stand as Musendami commenced construction at the stand.

Anesu Chirenje appeared for the State. H Metro


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