Wednesday 28 July 2021


OUTGOING Netherlands Ambassador to Zimbabwe Ms Barbara Van Hellemond yesterday heaped praises on President Mnangagwa’s commitment to reforms as she described the country as a safe investment destination.

At the birth of the Second Republic, President Mnangagwa made it clear that the country was a friend to all and foe to none and his administration began the process of reaching out to former hostile nations as part of the country engagement and re-engagement drive.

Apart from reaching out to all nations, President Mnangagwa has opened the country for investors with the country’s ease of doing business steadily improving.

The country’s ease of doing business index increased from a score of 47.8 in 2016 to 54.47 in 2020, growing at an average annual rate of 3.36 percent.

Speaking to journalists after bidding farewell to President Mnangagwa at State House, Ambassador Hellemond said Zimbabwe is a safe investment destination.

“Me and my family, we had a lovely time in Zimbabwe, it is a very welcoming country, the people are very nice and approachable and a safe country as well.

“What I have seen over the past four years is that we have started the engagement process, the Netherlands, the EU, and Zimbabwe have started the dialogue, we are intensifying our dialogue.

“I have seen improvements. The Zimbabwean Government has opened up, improving the investor climate, challenges are being addressed. There is also conversation around acquired and redistributed farms as we all know that compensation of acquired land is key to re-establishing a guarantee of tenure and international competitiveness,” she said. Herald


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