Friday 7 May 2021


IN a modern day Bonnie and Clyde tale, a 25-year-old Nyanga man is on the run after stealing US$300 from his girlfriend’s brother, leaving his lover to face the music.

The matter recently came to light at Chief Saunyama’s court after Misheck Matambanadzo dragged his younger sister, Vimbai Matambanadzo (20) and her lover, Luston Satumba, to the traditional court accusing them of squandering his money.

Satumba defaulted, thereby leaving Vimbai to answer to all the allegations. Matambanadzo told the court that Vimbai worked for him at his grocery and clothing shop in Mutigwa Village, Nyanga, while he stayed at Mount Mellary with his family.

During his absence, his sister would invite her boyfriend Satumba for sleepovers. The two would allegedly squander Matambanadzo’s money.

“What really hurts me is that Vimbai would invite Satumba for sleepovers and they would become intimate in my shop and on my bed, while squandering my money. She is only 20, yet she was entertaining men on my bed. This is a bitter pill for me to swallow.

“When I confronted her over the missing US$300, she first professed ignorance but later accused Satumba of stealing the money when I threatened to have her arrested.

“I questioned why she suspected it was him and that is when she revealed that he usually sleeps at the shop. ‘‘I did not even know that my sister is sexually active and it came as a shock. She was actually spoiling her boyfriend with my money while using my shop as a lodge,” said a furious Matamanadzo.

He told the court that he needs Satumba to pay back his money, adding that he has no desire to marry off his sister to him.

However, Vimbai declared that she is head over heels in love with Satumba and would want to marry him.

“I love my boyfriend and I am prepared to settle down with him. In fact, I do not mind being taken to his home right away because he texted telling me that I am his wife and that my brother should not bother us over a mere US$300. He will pay back the money,” she said without any form of remorse.

However, she said she was not involved in stealing from the shop. “I think my boyfriend stole some goods from the shop and sold them elsewhere because no money ever went missing.

‘‘Only the stock would go missing, but people err. I have already forgiven my man,” she said.

The matter was adjourned to a later date to allow Satumba attend the court session. Manica Post


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