Wednesday 19 May 2021


INFORMATION, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa has offered to support one-year-old triplets from Marange abandoned by their South Africa-based father.

Minister Mutsvangwa pledged to provide all groceries and sundries every month needed for the upkeep of the three babies.

The triplets’ mother, Ms Olinda Maphosa was forced to relocate back to Marange after the father of the children, Obey Mucheke, had tried to force her to sell one of them.

The gesture from Minister Mutsvangwa touched the hearts of many who attended a Zanu PF Women’s League small enterprises exhibition at Bazeley Bridge during the weekend.

In an interview on the sidelines of the exhibition, Ms Maphosa said after giving birth to the triplets, her husband, Mucheke, whom she was staying with in South Africa, demanded that they sell one of the girls since there was no boy child among them.

She said after refusing to sell the child, her husband threatened her with death resulting in her fleeing South Africa.

“My husband demanded that I should sell one of my triplets saying we could not have all girls in our home. I refused to sell any of my children.

“This is something that I found strange. I just could not do that. His only reason was that we could not keep all the girls. I do not know where exactly he wanted to sell my child, but he said he could find buyers there in South Africa.

“When I refused to sell any of my children, he declared that he would not contribute anything towards their upkeep.

“He said I should shoulder that burden on my own,” she said. Ms Maphosa said she married Mucheke after meeting him in Rukangare Village near Checheche Growth Point in Chipinge South before they both left for the neighbouring country.

When she heard of Ms Maphosa’s plight during the pre-exhibition briefing, Minister Mutsvangwa said: “This is disgusting to hear that we still have men who think that a girl child is not equal a blessing as a boy child, worse still when one harbours thoughts of selling an innocent soul. I am touched.

“I am happy for you (Maphosa) for resisting the evil intentions that this man had. I will be providing everything that these children need from porridge, nappies, milk and everything.

“I will be doing that every month and I will also look into ways of assisting them to get decent education as they grow up,” said an emotional Minister Mutsvangwa. Herald


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