Wednesday 5 May 2021


Gutu Assistant District Development Co-ordinator who is also chairman of the lands committee, Benedict Gwede has been slapped with a US$3 000 lawsuit after he allegedly seized and kicked out workers from a resettlement farm run by businessman Fredrick Machinya since 2007.

Gwede is being sued by Machinya who is the farm manager of Plot 20 Eastdale.

The Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement Dr Anxious Masuka is cited as the other respondent in the papers filed at Harare Magistrates Court on Tuesday last week.

In the summons served on Gwede by the messenger of court, Machinya says that his brother-in-law Cryton Munyikwa is the legitimate owner of Plot 20 and he was appointed farm manager to run all the affairs of the farm.

On a date not mentioned in the summons, Gwede who is the most powerful civil servant in the district in terms of land allocation forcibly evicted Machinya’s employees from the farm without notice and immediately took over.

Machinya says in his summons that he had planted maize on the farm and this was all destroyed by neighbours’ cattle after his employees were chased away by Gwede. He says that the total damage suffered is valued at US$3 000.

Machinya is represented by Messrs Tafirei and Company Legal Practitioners. Masvingo Mirror


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