Friday 21 May 2021


IT’S difficult to look forward to falling in love again once your heart has been broken. Many people want to give up on romance because of the endless possibilities of getting hurt or because they have been traumatised in a past relationship.

But falling in love can be a glorious adventure despite the numerous risks. Being in love is such a great feeling and knowing someone cares so much about you has no comparison. Don’t give up! Your perfect match could be right around the corner.

The above words are certainly ringing true in the ears of forgotten former Njube Sundowns and Dynamos midfield dynamo, Elison “Tsola” Phiri, who after parting with his longtime sweetheart Linnet Ncube four years has ago, has dribbled into the heart of a Mzansi lady, Mbali Khumalo (34).

The head-over-heels Sizinda-raised Phiri (43) and Ncube were blessed with two children, Lorraine (21) and Denzel (18), before parting ways following matrimonial challenges the couple had.

“It was unfortunate when times were hard for me when I was still in Zimbabwe, Linnet started having some extraordinary demands that I could not meet. As such we had serious troubles hence, we separated four years ago. Thereafter I joined the great trek to South Africa,” said the pint-sized Phiri, who is also a former Highlanders, Railstars and New Cream juniors’ player.

He added: “It’s good that I have been able to make ends meet while working as a bartender here in Johannesburg. South Africa has given me hope and I have also found love from Mbali Khumalo, a nice lady who hails from Mpumalanga. I met Mbali in Johannesburg two years ago, we have no kids yet. Although I have managed to meet some of her relatives, we are yet to officialise everything. I believe I have finally met my perfect match.”

Elison is an elder brother to the late Trevor Phiri, an equally talented footballer who also turned out for Njube Sundowns.

Trevor died in a tragic traffic accident on his way from South Africa on 18 December 2009.

Asked about his days at Njube Sundowns, Elison said he greatly enjoyed playing alongside Danisa Phiri, Stanford “Collymore” Ncube, Joseph “Skippy” Ngwenya and the late Mephias Webb among others.

Tsola added that legendary Ronald “Gidiza” Sibanda, Eddie Mashiri and Samson Choruwa helped him fit into the DeMbare system like the teeth of a zip. B Metro


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