Thursday 20 May 2021


A Kuwadzana woman is hunting for a suspect who reportedly stole her valuables during a church service on Sunday.

Charity Mavurere, was singing during praise and worship when the suspect took advantage before disappearing with her belongings. The unidentified female suspect was caught on camera which was recording activities in the church.

Charity has since made a report at Kuwadzana 2 police station under RRB4741091 for theft. In an interview, Charity said: “She took my purse which had cash, national identity cards and a cell phone.

“We were seated in church on bench number 2 from the front and I was near five women who I all know. Four of us were on the bench whilst the other one was seated on a chair. So women were invited to sing on the stage and we proceeded to the stage and started singing.”

Added Charity: “There was a woman who was initially sitting behind us but when we went on stage she moved to sit on the bench we had been occupying and acted as if she was paying attention to the singing.

“She then took the items before disappearing. We then went to sit and immediately an announcement for love offering for the preacher was made,” said Charity.

She said she checked for her purse but it was no longer there.

“I then took my bag and discovered that my purse was missing. “I quickly announced and the gate was closed before a search was made. We then made a follow up outside the church premises but all our efforts were in vain.

“We tried to look for the woman but she was never seen and until now no one came to clear herself.” H Metro


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