Sunday 30 May 2021


BURGLARS reportedly broke into Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project (MZWP) offices in Bulawayo and stole files, a bicycle and a stove.

The incident is suspected to have occurred last week on Sunday night. The offices are situated along Robert Mugabe Way between Leopold Takawira Avenue and 8th Avenue.

MZWP is a trust which has been lobbying for the development of a water pipeline from Zambezi to Bulawayo as a permanent solution to the city’s water shortage.

In an interview yesterday, MZWP chairperson Mr Richard Ndlovu, said he was puzzled as to why their offices were targeted.

“There was a break-in into our offices. We suspect that it happened on Sunday night. We have already reported the matter to the police.

The offices were ransacked and some of our files are missing. The thieves also stole a messenger’s bicycle and a stove. We don’t know who could have done it. No one has been arrested so far,” said Mr Ndlovu.

He said it did not make sense why someone would break into their office when anyone can easily get any information from the organisation, regarding its operations.

Mr Ndlovu said while Government has taken over the National Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project (NMZWP), his organisation remains relevant in the implementation of the project.

Government has set year-end as the deadline for the construction of the Gwayi-Shangani Dam, a key component of the NMZWP.

On the other hand, Government has invited tenders for companies who would take part in the laying of the 260km Gwayi-Shangani-Bulawayo pipeline which is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

Mr Ndlovu said MZWP will continue to provide an oversight role in the implementation of the project.

“We will continue to be a pressure group pushing for the people in the region to benefit from the development of the project. We will actively engage the Government so that people from Matabeleland region wholesomely benefit from the NMZWP,” said Mr Ndlovu.

MZWP chief executive officer Ms Sarah Ndlovu said the theft from their office was of concern.

“Theft of intellectual property is a problem. These people ransacked our officers, the offices are just a mess as we speak. At the moment we don’t even know which files were stolen. But we wonder who could have done it. They broke into the offices using a back entrance,” said Ms Ndlovu.

Bulawayo acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele said her office had not received a report about the burglary by yesterday. Chronicle


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