Sunday 2 May 2021


SECESSIONIST political party Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) has dissolved its leadership and appointed a taskforce to oversee its elective congress.

MLF is known for burning the Zimbabwe flag in South Africa in 2011 and for demanding that Matabeleland region should be an independent State.

Party spokesperson Ndabezinhle Fuyane at the weekend said its leader, Fidelis Ncube, who is based in Botswana, stepped down in March after authorities in the neighbouring country barred him from holding a political position in another country while he was a Batswana citizen.

Churchill Guduza took over the leadership, but the team’s term in office had expired.

“The 2013 structure had outlived its mandate which according to the MLF constitution is a four-year term that is voluntarily renewable through a democratic electoral process according to articles 13.1.1 and 14.1.1 of the constitution,” Fuyane wrote in a communiqué to party members.

“In pursuit of constitutionalism, the majority of the 2013 executive, and as mandated by MLF constitution articles 13.1.4, 14.7.2 and the whole of article 14, deemed it necessary to dissolve the running executive as it diverted the agenda from the founding principles of the MLF constitution and failed to implement programmes set while it morphed into a self-serving enterprise, thereby alienating members and supporters alike.”

Fuyane said the dissolution of the executive was effective from March 2021 and, therefore, there was need to prepare for an elective congress.

He said a taskforce to be chaired by Bonhomie Ndlovu and deputised by David Mpofu would lead the MLF, while its secretary would be Nicholas Mathobela, who would be deputised by Desire Dube.

Sibongumusa Mlilo was named treasurer of the taskforce, while he (Fuyane) will act as information secretary.

Other members of the taskforce are Andrea Sibanda and Titus Nxumalo, while Makhiwa Ndebele will head the security affairs department.

“We wish all to understand that the task team is not the MLF executive, but an organ or body that seeks to close the vacuum created as MLF is being recalibrated. The task team shall be dissolved soon after the elective congress as it would have fulfilled its specific purpose,” Fuyane said.

He said its modus operandi would be to re-group alienated MLF members, recruit and reorient new members, rebuild MLF structures and assert the electability and eligibility of MLF.

“In view of the foregoing, it is absurd for anyone to claim to be president of this organisation. MLF shall be up and running to execute its mandate soon after re-adopting constitutionalism as its cornerstone and bedrock in order to avert disastrous management prevalent in Zimbabwe whereby there is a life president who subverts the will of citizens with impunity just to stay at the helm oblivious of the deplorable mess they do,” Fuyane said.

He said the taskforce would soon announce the dates of the congress. Newsday


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