Monday 10 May 2021



FOLLOWING the tragic death of Anele “Nelli” Tembe who fell off a hotel building in Cape Town, a footage of the young Durban woman who was dating rapper AKA has surfaced on social media.

In one of the videos that have caused a stir, the late daughter of Durban businessman Moses Tembe can he heard saying “Get away from me, you don’t know what he has been doing to me”, while a guy is trying to calm her down while she’s crying. 

In another video, Anele can be seen sitting on the bedroom with her hands on her face rocking back and forth, while AKA can be heard speaking in the background of the video. 

“Look at all of this. Somebody here is under the influence and tried to jump off the balcony. My ears are ringing. I think I burst my eardrum. I have a witness that witnessed that I did not fight back, and there is no fighting back from my side, and this is what it looks like. So, when we go to court, I want people to see,” he said.

 The videos were leaked by Anele’s close friend whom, according to reports, said has been mediating for weeks on what to do about the incidents. 

Responding to the leaked videos and images AKA, whose real name is Kiernan Forbes, said the allegations against him are to influence the inquest that was opened after Anele fell out of the hotel building. 

“I’m fully aware who the ‘sources’ engaging media are and what their intentions are, which is to influence the police inquest – which the investigating officer has stated numerous times to my legal team and to them that I, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, have not been named as a suspect, but have been nothing but a co-operating witness,” he said. 

He further said it saddens him that people, whom his late fiancee and him entrusted with their deepest troubles, are using them as weapons against him. Daily Sun


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