Monday 12 April 2021


Zimbabwe United Passenger Company has denied social media claims that there is an imminent increase in bus fares for the second time this year.

The public carrier said it cannot increase fares out of the blues without the nod from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development which it falls under.

“Those are just rumours. ZUPCO will only increase fares after authorisation from the line Ministry with full consultation processes done with stakeholders,” Sikhanyisiwe Ncube, the public relations officer said.

The company also revealed that it was in the process of terminating contracts of some private bus operators franchised under its name; however, names of the affected companies were not disclosed.

“ZUPCO has no rights or control over who wants to be franchised or not. The contracts are premised on a win, win basis.

“We are aware of some (private companies) who are eager to join.  We are also terminating some (contracts) due to failure to meet contractual obligations,” Ncube disclosed.

ZUPCO also cleared air on the tap card system which has become topical as people are being duped of their hard earned cash by conmen at boarding terminals.

“Not all buses refuse the tap cards, we have broader methods to accommodate the needs of our vast clientele such that no passengers will feel short changed,” she added. H Metro


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