Thursday 8 April 2021


TWO Zimbabweans are reportedly missing in Mozambique’s troubled Cabo Delgado region where Islamic State linked insurgents recently ran amok in the town of Palma leaving dozens dead and many more maimed.

According to the United Nations, over 10 000 people fled the coastal town of Palma when the insurgents invaded last month in one of the deadliest attacks by the terrorists since 2017.

The killing of civilians has received global condemnation with President Mnangagwa today expected to join five other regional leaders in a double Troika meant to tackle the crisis in the Mozambique capital Maputo.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade said it is yet to establish whether any Zimbabwean is missing in the town.

But according to Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi normalcy is slowly returning after the terrorists were chased away by the military from the town.

“Our government has already expressed its needs to the international community to deal with terrorism. This international support . . . is being evaluated,” he said, in an address to mark Mozambique’s national women’s day.

“Those who come from outside will not come to replace us. They will come to support us. It is not about empty pride. It is about a sense of sovereignty.”

Insurgents seized Palma, a coastal town close to a multi-billion-dollar liquid natural gas (LNG) project, after a coordinated attack launched on March 24. Herald


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