Thursday 22 April 2021


A total of 43 Chief Charumbira’s subjects were arrested on April 11 after they allegedly invaded Chief Bere’s territory and began pegging plots to settle people.

Chief Charumbira and Chief Bere have literally become sworn enemies after the former has refused to acknowledge the chieftaincy of the latter.

Chief Bere’s chieftainship was revived in 2018 taking up huge chunks of territory from Chief Charumbira.

Chief Bere’s spokesperson, David Masomere confirmed the invasion and said Charumbira’s subjects were arrested after they had pegged plots for his people in Bere’s territory and stirred a fierce war.

“Charumbira crossed the line, he distributed plots to his subjects in our territory without consulting Bere. We reported the matter to police and his subjects were arrested for their actions,” said the Masomere.

He said that they now fear for Chief Bere’s security since the chief wanted to shift from his homestead to reside in the plots.

“We now fear for the security of the Chief, what kind of a person comes in another chief’s territory and allocate plots for his people, we don’t know what more to expect from them, anything can happen,” said Masomere.

Masomere further alleged that Charumbira does not respect the government since he was not in the position to distribute plots without the permission from the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement.

“Charumbira doesn’t have respect for the government, he has no right to allocate plots to his subjects, even Chief Bere himself is not allowed to do so, it’s the duty of the government,” said Masomere.

No comment could be drawn from Chief Charumbira as his mobile was not reachable. The arrested are said to have been released without charge. TellZim News


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