Saturday 17 April 2021


Helen McGhie Primary has increased school fees for the first term by a whopping 75% from RTGS$4 010 to RTGS$7 000 forcing hard pressed parents faced by a harsh economic environment to dig deeper into their pockets for top-up.

Parents clashed at a meeting held at the school today and the situation almost deteriorated to physical violence with the majority opting for $6 000 against the $7 000 that was passed somehow.

Police invited to the meeting in anticipation of chaos had to move in and ask parents to resolve their differences amicably.

Some parents accused the head, Sheila Deve of planting fake parents and workers from companies providing services at the school to argue on her behalf and be vocal in support of any position she took. She was booed by parents as she spoke.

Some parents who were vocal in supporting the head at the meeting were identified by names and accused of having been given contracts at the school.

Deve who is quick to lose her temper attacked The Mirror for covering alleged goings-on in the school and urged parents not to take The Mirror as God or heaven where they take their grievances to.

“The Mirror is not God don’t take your grievances there, bring them to me. If I am stealing from the school tell the Police here. I will go to Prison and serve my time. I am not afraid of The Mirror and don’t use it to stop me from doing my duties,” said Deve. Masvingo Mirror



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