Monday 5 April 2021


 A Zaka nurse who had gone to withdraw her salary in Chiredzi recently, lost $59 000 when she fell prey to an age-old trick used by conmen to swindle people of their hard-earned cash.

One of the suspected conman was accounted for and the matter was brought before Chiredzi Magistrate Simbarashe Gundani on Tuesday 30 March 2020.

It is in the State case that on March 16, 2021, Matswe Makadei, a registered nurse based at Bota Clinic in Chivamba was in Chiredzi to withdraw part of her salary from the bank.

On her way from Bata to Metro Peach she noticed a bundle of rolled South African Rands and before she picked the money a man appeared and suggested that they go to a secluded area and share the money since they both saw it at the same time.

Rophius Matsaure (43) of 572 Makoni Road Tshovani allegedly convinced that they go into a bush near ZESA for the sharing process.

Makadei said when they were about to share, three men suddenly appeared and told the duo that they were Police officers and the two were under arrest. The three men who are still at large took away Makadei and Matsaure’s cell phones and switched them off. They also took away $2 000 that was in Makadei’s bag together with bank cards.

They got Makadei’s pin codes for the bank cards and disappeared leaving Makadei in the custody of a man identified as Tinashe Matinyarare.

The men returned later and gave Makadei her bank cards and released her. She later realised that they had cleared her bank account of all the $57 496 that was there and reported the case to Police leading to the arrest of Matsaure.

Matsaure pleaded guilty to stealing $2 000 cash only. He suspected that the money from the bank cards was stolen by his accomplices.

Matsaure was remanded in custody to April 5 2021. Tafuma Homera prosecuted. Masvingo Mirror


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