Tuesday 6 April 2021


A Warren Park man struck his father with a hoe over a toilet dispute with tenants during the Easter holiday.

Kean Maridze is alleged to have further tried to gouge his father’s eye with a knife after an argument over who should take the next toilet visit. Queried by an angry mob on why he assaulted his father, Kean said; “He was just holding a hoe and I really don’t know what I was doing.

“Maroja pane zvavanenge vachiita mutoilet, havashandise toilet zvakanaka vachitora nguva yakawanada varimo imomo.

His father who identified himself as Mr Maridze narrated the ordeal to H-Metro. “He struck me with a hoe during this holiday and almost gouged my eye with a knife.

“I can’t see clearly with my other eye. He was having issues with tenants and I told him off. “I said to him that his food and everything was coming from those tenants he was confronting.

“This is my house and I even got him a job where I used to work until he was fired after stealing 15 pairs of shoes. I’m surprised to hear people accusing me of juju stuff but I cannot do that to my son.

“I have gone from place to place looking for good witch doctors but it seems all in vain. I even had traditional beer brewed for him but they just told me something is haunting my son.“If you can check his room, there’s nothing in it because he burnt everything except the blankets.“They can call me names but I tried,” narrated Maridze. H Metro


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