Friday 30 April 2021


A 45-YEAR-OLD Beitbridge man has been jailed for an effective 30 years for raping three juveniles aged between seven and nine years, among them, his two daughters.

The assailant of Dulivhadzimu Suburb denied four charges of rape but Beitbridge Regional Magistrate Ms Sithembiso Ndebele convicted him on the strength of the State evidence.

She slapped him with 15 years imprisonment for the first two counts, and another 15 years for count three and four.

The man was left with an effective 30 years to serve after the court ruled that the 15 years in the first two counts will run concurrently.

Prosecutor, Ms Tsitsi Mtukwa said the man abused his daughters aged eight and nine years in January last year. The court heard that the third minor was sexually abused on Christmas Day last year.

The matter came to light when he was arrested on a different charge on January 15 this year and his children were taken to a local children’s home where they later narrated their ordeal to social workers there.The other case was separately reported by the victim’s mother after he had raped her for the second time on January 6. Chronicle


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