Saturday 10 April 2021


Parents are up in arms against Mandiva Primary School head in Chivi, Joubert Maramba who is allegedly forcing pupils who have fees balance to repeat last year’s grades.

The parents who spoke to The Mirror on condition of anonymity said any pupil who has fees balance from last year is not being allowed to proceed to the next grade. The pupils are only allowed to proceed on clearing their balances.

The fees range from RTGS 800 to 1200. There are over 100 pupils in the school. Maramba denied the allegations when contacted by The Mirror. “No pupils have been forced to repeat a grade over fees. It is a strategy to get the parents to pay fees,” said Maramba.

Masvingo Acting Provincial Education Director, Shylatte Mhike said that she was not aware of the case but was going to look into the matter. She also said that such an action was pointless

“I haven’t heard this case. I will ask the District Schools Inspector to look into this,” said Mhike.

“This is worrying us as parents. Grades are not bought through school fees, they are attained. So children cannot proceed to the next grade on the basis of school fees,” said a parent.

Mandiva is 65km from Masvingo along Beitbridge Highway. Masvingo Mirror


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