Saturday 17 April 2021


A 68-YEAR-OLD gogo arrested for allegedly killing her Ben-10 by hacking him with a hand hoe briefly appeared in the Mkhuhlu Magistrates Court on Thursday, 14 April.

She was not asked to plead on the charges of the murder of Richard Kgoedi (45).  Magistrate Ayesha Kikia told her she’s facing a Schedule 6 offence.

Oakley villagers and the gogo’s family are still in shock.  They told the police they couldn’t believe it when she confessed that she had killed her man with a hand hoe, before dragging his body outside her house.

They then called the police and paramedics.  Kgoedi was certified dead at the scene.  The police confiscated the bloodied hoe from the gogo for forensic investigations.

The matter has been postponed until Thursday, 22 April for formal bail application and lawyer arrangements. Daily Sun


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