Saturday 27 March 2021


A FARM worker has appeared in court and has been remanded in custody to April 7 on charges of strangling his employer at Esperance Farm in Marondera and then concealing the corpse in the bedroom for four days, while trying to sell the irrigation pipes.

Tawanda Sithole (21) did not flee the house after allegedly killing farmer, Mr Christopher Mubvuma (50), but simply dumped the corpse under a sack on a bedroom floor while passing the word in the area that he had piping to sell, an activity that raised suspicions among those who came to buy but could not see the farmer.

Ms Patience Takarina, one of the potential buyers, found that odd and was not convinced by Sithole’s explanation that Mr Mubvuma had gone to visit relatives, and she alerted his sister, Ms Sarah Mubvuma (53) of Unit K in Chitungwiza, who came out to the farm and found the body in the bedroom.

Police then arrested Tawanda Sithole (21) on allegations of killing Mr Mubvuma. It remains unclear why he killed his employer. Mr Mubvuma employed Sithole last year as a worker and the two resided at the plot together.

On Thursday last week, at around 8pm, Sithole reportedly came from the grazing lands and found Mr Mubvuma preparing super in the kitchen hut. He then allegedly sat on a stool behind Mr Mubvuma, picked up a rope and strangled him. Allegedly, he then dragged Mr Mubvuma’s body from the kitchen hut to his bedroom where he dumped it on the floor and covered it with a sack.

On Sunday at 5pm, Ms Takarina after hearing that polythene irrigation pipes were for sale visited the farm and finding Mr Mubvuma missing disbelieved the story that he was visiting a relative, since it was unlikely that he would have left a young worker to make the deals. Ms Sarah Mubvuma was called and she visited the home the next day, on Monday this week, found a bad stench and then, searching the house, stumbled upon her brother’s body in the early stages of decomposition.

A report was immediately lodged with ZRP Marondera Rural and CID Marondera attended the scene where Sithole was then arrested. The body was taken to Marondera Hospital Mortuary for post-mortem.

Sithole appeared in court on Wednesday and was remanded in custody to April by Marondera magistrate Ms Patience Chirimo.

He was advised to apply for bail at the High Court. Prosecutor in the case was Ms Zvikomborero Chidavaenzi. Herald


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