Thursday 25 March 2021


A Harare woman wept uncontrollably before a magistrate saying that her sisters-in-law were abusing her, leaving her with no joy at her parents’ house.

The court had to adjourn and resume later as Constance Matongo claimed that her sisters-in-law, Maud and Precious Nyambuya, were abusing her physically and verbally.

Maud and Precious are married to Matongo’s two brothers. Matongo, who was seeking a protection order against her sisters-in-law, told magistrate Ms Meenal Narotam on Wednesday that the duo was in the habit of abusing her such that she now fears for her life and that of her children.

“I am applying for a protection order. The respondents are my sisters-in-law but they have given me no joy at my parents’ house.

“They are in the habit of switching off electricity in my room whilst my children are studying and they do not respect me as their aunt. Recently, Precious assaulted me while Maud was ululating and I had to report the case to the police. Currently, we have a pending case at the magistrates’ court. The two verbally abuse me using obscene language and I am no longer living in peace at my parents’ house,” said Matongo before breaking into tears.

Maud denied the allegations saying she has never abused Matongo in any way and would not suffer any prejudice if the protection order was granted.

“I have never assaulted her in any way. The only thing I did was to refrain her from fighting with Precious after she started a brawl with her. We are not in talking terms so I am surprised how am I harassing her when we are not talking together,” she said.

Precious also refuted the allegations, saying she has never abused her but they fought instead.

“I have never assaulted her but we fought. She is the once who is at loggerheads with people at the house. I am not in agreement with all her allegations,” she said.

Ms Narotam granted the order and ordered the two not to physically and verbally abuse Matongo in any way. Herald


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