Monday 8 March 2021


A Harare woman is divorcing her husband for keeping his customary marriage to another woman a secret.

Precious Muvhuti nee Chikoto claims her hubby Learmore Muvhuti deceived her into marrying him on October 28th, 2017 without telling her he was married under customary law.

According to the papers at the High Court, after the revelation, the two only enjoyed conjugal rights on their honeymoon phase before Precious packed her bags. She says they have been on a de facto separation since 2017.

“Precious was deceived into the marriage in that, Learnmore did not disclose prior that he was customarily married and such marriage was in subsistence.

“The material non-disclosure goes to the root of the marriage contract and Precious considers the marriage to have irretrievably broken down.

“Precious and Learnmore as a result never lived together as husband and wife and have been on separation since then,” reads Precious’ declaration.

Precious says she is not in a position to claim any spousal maintenance, issues to do with custody or access calling them non-existent since the couple did not share a house or acquire any matrimonial property.

“Precious avers that the parties did not acquire any matrimonial property during the subsistence of the marriage and hence there is no property to be shared,” she said.

She wants the court to grant her a decree of divorce, be able to move on and remarry. “The parties have not enjoyed conjugal rights from a few days later after the marriage and hence a cumulative excess period of three years.

“Despite counselling, no positive change has been realized and parties are on a de facto separation,” she said. Learnmore is yet to respond. H Metro


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