Thursday 11 March 2021


TWO University of Zimbabwe (UZ) students lost goods worth over US$1 000 after being raided by suspected “bogus” cops.

Four men reportedly pounced on the two (names withheld), who were standing outside their vehicle at High Glen Total Service Station while making arrangements to deliver clothing items.

Of the four, one was clad in police uniform and they were using a Toyota Wish without number plates, tinted and blue in colour. The students lost US$350 and clothing items worth over US$1 000.

The property was meant for resale and the men acted on the pretext that they were arresting smugglers. A police report has since been made at Glen Norah Police Station under RRB 4707771 for robbery.

The students, who are still traumatised, were assisted by one Farirai Mamombe to make a police report.

“I was called that the two had been robbed and went to verify, only to be told that they lost the property to four men. I was told that the men pounced on them saying they were on patrol arresting people who were smuggling goods.

“They were told that they were under arrest and failure to comply, they would be jailed for five years. So they panicked and complied. The men ordered them to pay or else they would be taken to jail.”

Added Mamombe: “The male student had borrowed the car from his grandmother to assist his female friend who had been tasked by her sister who is in Turkey to collect some items to give to clients.

“So he was afraid that if the car was taken he would be in trouble with the granny and he offered to pay US$50, which the men refused citing that it was too little.

“They then handcuffed the guy. In fear, the guy promised to collect money from his brother who was at home. He called him and did not highlight the real issue. They then proceeded home while he was in handcuffs.

“Upon arriving home, he was given the money before handing it over to the men who later left them. I then saw them after the incident, but the men had gone with the valuables and the money. We tried to make a police report, and the girl managed to identify one of the men as a police officer.

“The goods were not booked as should be done and we are wondering why such procedures were not done if they were real cops.” H Metro


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