Friday 26 March 2021


There is no better time to appreciate a rural Matopo District girl who has overturned her rural background to become one of the most successful women in Southern Africa than this month when Zimbabwe joined the rest of the world to commemorate Women’s Month.

Hailing from Dula Village, Bekezela “Becky” Dube who is a woman on a mission, is the brains behind the successful Becky Casting Agency that operates from South Africa.

Interestingly, after she relocated from Zimbabwe to the neighbouring country 15 years ago, Becky started off as a hairdresser. Through determination, years later, she has risen to become a casting director, casting agent, TV host, chaplain and extras co-ordinator.

Through her casting agency, she serves as a middleman for production companies by finding the talent they need for various roles. The agency specialises in different niches such as theatre performers, commercial actors, films and television show actors or extras.

Over the past year, the agency has casted for numerous Mzansi Magic and Sabc soapies and telenovelas. Among these are Muvhango, UBettina Wethu and The Station. Her latest recruits are Zimbabwean comedians Madam Boss and Madlela Skhobokhobo who she casted for roles in an upcoming soapie.

Speaking to Saturday Leisure from her Orange Grove base in Johannesburg, Becky said her humble beginnings have nurtured the growth of her brand.

“Through the agency, I play a vital role in the lives of people who rely on arts as a career as we manage to create a breakthrough for them.

From growing up in Matopo in a village called Dula where I was raised by my granny, I’ve always had the passion to assist people,” she said.

Becky said she is humbled to have worked with a number of acclaimed arts practitioners in the region.

“The number of successful people I’ve worked with from the region is countless as I supply talent to all South African soapies, telenovelas as well as adverts.“I’ve also produced a feature about racism with Chris Gande, an American-based Zimbabwean guy and I’ve produced a talk show about gender-based violence (Wumanvue) and I’m looking for broadcasters to license.”

Becky says she is also working on a surprise comedy-drama that features Madlela and Madam Boss as she moves in to promote talent from her country. In a live interview with Madam Boss, Becky hinted how keen she was to work with fellow Zimbabweans.

Becky is an exceptional woman because if she is not assisting artistes, she will be out there doing philanthropy work. She said she assists HIV patients at Tsakani Hospital in Edenvale with food every time they collect their medication and she also goes there to be with them and give support.

She is also a mother at the Mother Theresa Children’s Home in Yeoville. “By giving love and warmth to these homeless children, I comfort them and give them hope for tomorrow. From time to time, I use the opportunity to help others, especially schoolchildren.

“Recently, I gave jobs to more than 50 school children from Highlands Boys High in Orange Grove to take part in an international movie.

This benefited them a lot as they have now been listed in the Disney Kids International,” said Becky. Chronicle


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